10.07.16: A high-resolution, curvilinear ROMS model for the Oslofjord.

Dette er den andre av fire rapporter, som nå publiseres i FjordOs. Den første var for Moss havn (AP3). Den andre er en teknisk rapport som beskriver FjordOs-modellen (AP1).


Provided is documentation of a new Oslofjord model, FjordOs CL, utilizing the curvilinear
option of the Regional Ocean Modeling System – ROMS. The development is part of the
project FjordOs. FjordOs CL has a spatial grid size varying from about 50 meters in the
Drøbak sound to about 300 meters at its southern open boundary bordering on the Sk
agerrak. It features 42 terrain-following levels in the vertical. In addition to being forced by
atmospheric, river and tidal input it is also forced by oceanic input at the open boundary.
The atmospheric input is extracted from MET Norway’s operational NWP model (AROME
MetCoOp), while oceanic input is extracted from MET Norway’s operational, ocean forecast
ing model NorKyst800. The river input consists of observationalbased estimated discharges
from 37 rivers along the perimeter of the fjord. The tidal input is based on the TPXO Atlantic
database modified by observations and consists of nine tidal constituents as input.

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